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Soloz Audio closed its doors in early 2014. Like any small business there were many trials over the last few years and unfortunately I just couldn't stay competitive in today's market while turning a profit.


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I had the chance to A/B soloz's $80 silver reverence with more expensive ($100) copper cables from audioquest and Linn. The soloz cables were the fastest and most detailed of the lot. Also, the best looking.
~Eugene K on SA Reference Basic Interconnect

No comparison to normal/plane jane RCA's... that should go without saying, but thought I'd say it anyway. Otherwise, the silver wire was incredibly spacious and detailed sounding. Compared to standard RCA's it was like removing a thick woolen boundary between myself and the music. Considering what the components cost (to the builder alone...) Soloz Audio's Reference wire is priced very reasonably.
~Joel Harris on SA Reference Elite Interconnect

I don't know if it's been discussed elsewhere in this thread, but I recently got the Soloz Audio 5' Cardas cable upgrade for my HD595's and it did wonders for them... I don't want to sound like a shill for soloz, but he has a unique product on his hands and if any of you are interested in making your 595's even better it is well worth the $85 ($65 for the value calbe) after the recable the bass is deeper and tighter with less much all around, air around the instruments seems better and generally it made the existing quality of the 595's nicer (forward presentation, holographic imaging, etc... all enhanced) In fact, I also own a Sony sa5000, but after the recable I listen to the 595's almost exclusively... cheers"
~bergman2 from Head-Fi on Sennheiser HD595 SA Cardas Cable


I want to personally thank each and every one of my loyal customers that made the last several years so rewarding! Please know that if you have any warranty issues I will still stand behind my products 100%. I can still be reached at solozaudio@gmail.com From time to time I may post some left over materials or equipment for sale on eBay so check out my store. http://www.ebay.com/usr/soloz2

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